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Amelia SanJon Gallery &
Sandra Baker-Hinton
Sea Turtles, Ocean Life, Island Times, et al.

These are the photo-stories that got us to here, and now!

All of these chapters are little mini-web pages here on this site, ready to download and view!
2017 Save the Sea Turtles T-shirt Order Details.html
2017-10-24 2017-10-24 Hurr. Irma and Beyond.html
2017-10-02 2017 Turtle Season and Other Things.html
2017-01-18 Looking Back Lots of Critters.html
2016-11-03 Matthew Comes to town.html
2015-10-31 Midsummer Days at the Beach.html
2015 Save the Turtle T-shirts.html
2015-08-29 Looking to be a Good One, -Record Turtle Season.html
2015-07-26 Waiting on Turtles.html
2015-07-11 Turtle Season Officially Begins.html
2015-06-07 Leading Up to Turtle Patrol Time.html
2015-04-29 Spring Beginnings.html
2015-03-08 Animal Menageries.html
2015-02-01 Squirrel Girl Trio.html
2015-01-04 Expanding the, (Critter), Family.html
2014-12-10 My One and Only.html
2014-12-01 Things That Crawl, Spin and Fly.html
2014-11-06 "Save the Turtles" T-shirt Time!.html
2014-10-20 Oh Deer!  Patterns in Nature.html
2014-10-04 Goodbyes and Welcome Back.html
2014-09-02 Jones Dozen Vacation cont'd.html
2014-08-22 Jones Dozen Vacation.html
2014-07-19 Skipping Through Spring.html
2014-07-18 Temps Rising.html
2014-06-01 Cumberland Island Turkey Hunt.html
2014-05-23 Spring Turtle Training Trip.html
2014-04-29 Spring's Arrival in Bits and Pieces.html
2014-04-03 Will Spring Ever Come.html
2014-03-02 Off to See the Wizard.html
2014-02-04 Butterfly Christmas.html
2014-01-22 New Directions.html
2013-12-25 Hard to Let Go.html
2013-12-04 Fall Arrives with a Whimper.html
2013-11-14 Change in the Air.html
2013-11-03 It Is What It Is.html
2013-10-19 Semptember Song.html
2013-10-09 A Very Special Hatching.html
2013-09-21 August Days of Summer.html
2013-09-01 Year of the Fox.html
2013-08-19 Little Ones.html
2013-08-01 Good News and Bad.html
2013-07-21 Moving Into Summer.html
2013-07-11 One of Life's Dreaded Trips.html
2013-07-05 Up, Down, and All Around.html
2013-07-01 First One Turtle Nest, Now Seven.html
2013-06-17 Look to the Heavens.html
2013-06-11 Finally!.html
2013-06-01 The Sun Returns.html
2013-05-22 Turtle Patrol -13 Begins.html
2013-05-09 Isle of Eight Flags Shrimp Festival.html
2013-05-03 Preparing for Sea Turtle Patrol.html
2013-04-24 Recuperating and Spring at Home.html
2013-04-08 The Week Before Knee Surgery.html
2013-03-05 Family Visit.html
2013-02-21 Squirrel Times.html
2013-01-26 Bringing in the New Year.html
2013-01-13 Christmas and Finishing up 2012.html
2012-12-24 The Whirlwind in November.html
2012-12-08 Hurricane Sandy and Beyond.html
2012-12-01 Still Stuck in Fall.html
2012-11-17 Taking Time Out.html
2012-11-09 Water Views.html
2012-10-23 Summer's Ending.html
2012-10-18 Winding Down Summer of '012.html
2012-10-04 From Star to Turtle Lady.html
2012-09-27 Summer in Full Swing.html
2012-09-22 Turtles, Turtles Everywhere.html
2012-09-16 New Life.html
2012-08-20 Let the Hatching Begin.html
2012-07-20 Road Trip.html
2012-07-05 Just When I Thought, 'No More Birds'.html
2012-06-30 Sea Turtle Nests Galore.html
2012-06-20 Last Visit to the Alligator Farm.html
2012-06-12 After Beryl, the Good News and Bad.html
2012-06-01 In Search of Babies.html
2012-05-12 Happy Mothers' Day.html
2012-05-08 The Promise of Birds.html
2012-04-28 Freedom; or is the Grass Really Greener?.html
2012-04-13 Tryin' to Catch Up.html
2012-03-07 Rustling Butterflies.html
2012-03-06 Shooting Birds.html
2012-02-22 Family Visit Chapter 2.html
2012-02-10 Family Visit 2012.html
2012-01-31 Spring is Not So Far Off.html
2012-01-20 Into the New Year.html
2012-01-08 Pre Christmas.html
2011-12-23 A Merry Christmas in Fernandina Beach.html
2011-12-03 Thanksgiving Eve.html
2011-11-23 Beachcombing Again.html
2011-11-16 Back on the River.html
2011-11-07 Getting into the Way-Back Machine.html
2011-10-28 Happy 90th Birthday, Momma.html
2011-10-21 When the Big Boys, (and Girl), Come to Town.html
2011-10-19 Signs of the Season.html
2011-10-11 Hitting the September High Spots.html
2011-09-28 Reconnecting.html
2011-09-14 After the Storm.html
2011-09-05 Hello Irene; Goodbye Irene, Goodbye.html
2011-08-27 Leatherback Excavations.html
2011-08-21 Living on Island Time.html
2011-08-11 Watching the Submarine Races.html
2011-08-04 Lisa's Farewell Shift, (till Labor Day).html
2011-07-25 It's Our Turn, Our first nest hatches.html
2011-07-22 First Hatchlings, Amelia Island '11.html
2011-07-19 On The Road Again.html
2011-07-15 Crabby Sea Critters, and Oh Deer, much more.html
2011-07-07 Turtle News Galore.html
2011-06-30 Breakfast at the Farm.html
2011-06-22 Tracks, Tracks, BIG Tracks.html
2011-06-19 Cruising and Reflecting.html
2011-06-14 Nests and Ospreys.html
2011-06-09 Excitement on the Beach.html
2011-06-04 The Sea Turtles Are Here.html
2011-05-29 Vacation FamilyReunion.html
2011-05-22 Life and Death Situations.html
2011-05-18 Launch Into Summer.html
2011-05-08 My Mothers Day Present.html
2011-05-04 Anticipation.html
2011-04-28 Visiting Royalty.html
2011-04-22 For Rent; One Room Home, Cheap.html
2011-04-15 Another Trip Arouind the Sun.html
2011-04-04 A Week for the Birds II.html
2011-03-30 A week for the Birds.html
2011-03-23 It's Official; Spring is Here.html
2011-03-17 Ichetucknee Take Out; or Coots, Cooters, and Old Coots.html
2011-03-12 Icky What???.html
2011-02-28 Swinging into Spring.html
2011-02-21 Merritt Island; The Gates and the Day come to a close.html
2011-02-18 End of the Road.html
2011-02-09 Wild Wildlife Preserve.html
2011-02-06 Sleepy, Happy, Dopey.html
2011-02-01 A Break in the Weather.html
2011-01-23 The Townies.html
2011-01-22 January Doldrums.html
2011-01-02 The Magic Kingdom Here and There.html
2010-12-25 Christmas Message.html
2010-12-20 Cold Wind a'Blowin'.html
2010-12-18 Field Trip.html
2010-12-10 Feathers and Shells.html
2010-12-04 Lots of Flying Things.html
2010-12-01 78 Days and Counting.html
2010-11-27 Workshop and Beyond.html
2010-11-23 Pajama Party/Christmas Shopping, Downtown Fernandina Beach.html
2010-11-22 The Waiting Game.html
2010-11-14 Back to the Beach.html
2010-11-08 Country Roads Take Me Home.html
2010-11-03 Back to My Roots.html
2010-10-25 New Turtle Patrol.html
2010-10-20 Life On the River.html
2010-10-08 Winding Down the 2010 Turtle Season.html
2010-09-29 Surf's Up Again.html
2010-09-28 Cruisin' on the River.html
2010-09-22 Turtles and Turkeys.html
2010-09-17 The Pace Picks Up.html
2010-09-16 Save the Turtle  T-Shirts.html
2010-09-13 Imagination Squared.html
2010-09-02 A Ho-Hum Week.html
2010-08-27 The Good Mixed with the Bad.html
2010-08-19 Green, Green, Green, (Turtles).html
2010-08-10 A Week of Happenings.html
2010-08-02 Full Moon Week.html
2010-07-26 The Many Facets of Nature.html
2010-07-20 Hatchlings in the Water.html
2010-07-11 Productive is Good.html
2010-07-04 Island Hopping.html
2010-06-30 A new Day Every Day.html
2010-06-24 Pink Babies.html
2010-06-18 My Second Home.html
2010-06-09 All Creatures Great and Small
2010-06-02 Cycles of Life.html
2010-05-23 A Love Story, Bird Style.html
2010-05-18 Another Sea Turtle Season Begins.html
2010-05-15 With Shrimp Festival Here Can Turtle Season Be Far Away?.html
2010-05-06 New and Expectant Mothers.html
2010-05-03 Family Tree Branching Out.html
2010-04-16 A Long, Long Couple of Weeks.html
2010-04-08 Spring and Back to the Farm.html
2010-04-02 Amelia Island Concours d'Elegance; and That it Was.html
2010-03-22 Winged Things and Spring Thoughts.html
2010-03-17 Here & There; an Island Walkabout
2010-03-02 Amelia River Cruise, the Rest of the Story.html
2010-02-25 Waiting for the Good Times.html
2010-02-07 Signs of Spring.html
2010-01-25 Returning Home.html
2010-01-22 By the Time I get to Fall Branch.html
2010-01-13 Welcome to Sunny Florida.html
2010-01-07 Out With the Old, In With the New.html
2009-12-22 Bovine World, my Trip Back from Orlando.html
2009-12-18 In Search of My Christmas Spirit.html
2009-12-10 Parallel Lives.html
2009-12-02 Holiday Traditions.html
2009-11-22 Squirrels and Space.html
2009-11-11 Veterans Day.html
2009-11-08 Reasons to Smile.html
2009-11-01 Adapting and Survival.html
2009-10-28 Goodbye to the 2009 Turtle Season.html

BELOW are other previous chapters, you should easily be able to download and view them right now, too. * (Jump down to instructionsBe patient,- they aren't in your mailbox yet, either.  For those with slower connections this is your chance to control when that takes place, rather than just having your inbox bog down when you least need it to.

2009-10-23 Reflections and Nesting.eml
2009-10-20 Regression_The Jazz Festival.eml
2009-10-12 And She Lived Happily Ever After.eml
2009-10-10 Snapshots_The Ins, Outs, Up, Downs of Squirreldom.eml
2009-10-06 Winding Down.eml
2009-09-26 Life With a Squirrel.eml
2009-09-21 Good Ole Mr. Sun.eml
2009-09-15 Getting Back on Island Time.eml
2009-09-13 Salt life; and More Babies.eml
2009-09-02 Weighty Subjects.eml
2009-09-02 Learning Experiences.eml
2009-08-17 Illumination.eml
2009-08-10 A Quiet and Stormy Week.eml
2009-08-04 Back to Bear Tracking.eml
2009-07-28 A Silvery Morning Swim.eml
2009-07-26 The Bear Hunt.eml
2009-07-19 Busy but Rewarding.eml
2009-07-12 Out of Focus.eml
2009-07-05_4th of July.eml
2009-07-05 Beach Front Living.eml
2009-06-29 All Critters Big and Small.eml
2009-06-25 Exploring New Territory.eml
2009-06-24 Hot with a Chance of Thundershowers.eml
2009-06-16 World Sea Turtle Day is today!!!.eml

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