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Well it is "a" tomorrow but maybe a few tomorrows since I said I would get the order forms out "tomorrow".  It took a bit more time than I had hoped as I decided to change the shirt brand to Hanes because I had seen the Hanes at the Fern and Dina Gallery in some new T-Shirts they offer and thought the quality of the shirt felt and looked great.  All except the Tanks and the Sleep Shirts are Hanes.  Hanes did not offer those.  The image is silk screened by one of our local artist and silk screen printmakers.  His images are always of good quality and hold up well with washing.  So get ready to add them to your collection!!!!  Styles and Sizes offered of the shirts is at the bottom underneath the images of styles.  

This is an up close look at what the print will look like on the shirt.

A visual on the shirt with the painting on it.  I would have offered colors but they do not let the print do as well as when printed on the white surface.

Sizes Offered
Youth                            XS-L
Unisex S. Sleeve        S-XXXL
Unisex Long Sleeve   S-XXXL
V-Neck Ladies            S-XXL
Ladies T                       S-XXL
Tank                              S-XXL
Sleep Shirt                   S/M, L/XL, XXL/XXXL

Here are the styles & sizes offered.  

Art Prints are also available and they look really, really good.  Can get them in any size on paper or canvas.  Price on request.
I sent the painting down to JAX to be scanned by a printing company and the first print I got looks so good it would be hard to tell it is not the original...only smaller.  It was 41 x 31 which is still large.  The original is 36 x 48 with gallery wrapped sides.

Let me know what you want by email,  E-mail Sandra   -or private message on my Facebook Page*.  On Facebook please don't just put it in a response to a posting you may see as I may not see it there.  I don't want to miss one. 
Put it in my Private Message space and that way I can respond back to you in a way I and you can follow it.


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