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This is the squirrel bedtime look in case you are not familiar with it.  It comes suddenly and immediately after a rigorous time of play.  Then suddenly you know by the look it is bedtime.

And like children if you let them stay up beyond their bedtime they get cranky and don't want to do anything you want them to do. If I caught him at the right moment then he was happy to crawl into his bed and snuggle in, but a few minutes the wrong side of sleepy time and it was a total revolt. Then it became time to close the door, walk away and let him work out his sleeping arrangements on his own.

The Brown Pelicans are always a treat to see flying in formation up and down the beach, especially when you can get this nice sillouette aagainst an interesting sky.  I am thankful that our Pelicans are doing very well with plenty to eat.  The Pelicans in California have not fared so well with the waters sparse in food supply this past spring and summer.  Thankfully now their food sources are back in the waters below my friend Loa's cliff front house overlooking the water below and she reports the waters once again teeming with a fresh food supply and Pelican life is back to normal.  Lets hope it stays that way for them and us..

Once in a Blue Moon you get two full moons in a single month and the end of August found us with that kind of treat.  Although I was tucked into my own  house and didn't see the night version, I did see it on its way down through next morning's fog as I passed over Egan's Creek into the back of the park.

A nice red image was on the opposite horizon with old Mr. Sol making his presence known.

The foggy mornings give a different feel especially to the river.  The nearby boat speeds by nice and crisp in my vision as the dunes of Cumberland Island just across the river are shrouded in a fog which seems to make them appear very mysterious and yet closer than they really are.

The moon still hangs in the air for what is a very calm land/sea scape.

Sometimes we see these flying machines.  This will be happening more and more and one day I will hopefully get to ride in this one.  A new company has moved onto the island who does chartered flights in these Powered Ultralights.  They will also be doing hot air balloon rides for folks.  So a new thing to do on the island.  I'll certainly let you know if I get to go up.

Some foggy mornings one just never knows what they will encounter around the ruins of an ancient old fort.  Sometimes it could be a soldier lost in his time machine enjoying his cup of coffee and piece of hardtack as he heads off to his "watch".

I snapped this beautiful plant along side one of the smelliest dumpsters on the island.  I was tossing in junk picked up off the beach for the day, too much to load the waste baskets with at the shop.  I  snapped some photos of the species of  "pea vine" only to discover in my search of exotic and invasive plants the other day that it is one on our very extensive invasive plant list.  We have so many that it is hard to know, many of which I have growing in my own yard.  I happen to like Lantana and the butterflies love it.

As we moved on into September, Labor Day Weekend always signals the end of summer.  This time on Saturday the Georgia Sea Turtle Center brought us some rehabbed Sea Turtles to release back into Florida waters.  All came from nearby beaches.  This was Helio-Noel as the sign says.  Dr. Terry Norton on the left and his assistants parade them to the water.

Everyone was given ample opportunity to get photos as they were walked around each side of the long line of on lookers.

Then the signal that the turtle is safely swimming on its own.

And what a crowd of well wishers cheer the success with beautiful puffy billowing clouds and warm (understatement) weather to celebrate this last burst of summer which was saying "gnaw, think I'll stick around a while longer".

Then came Nibi with the same routine of show and tell and quick release.  

And then the third turtle.  The Green Sea Turtle is one of the prettiest and is on the endangered list.  Their name is not supposed to be because of the exterior coloring but due to the inside color of the meat as they were endangered because they were so desired as food.  I wouldn't know about the meat thing but the green color on their neck skins and face is quite a nice shade of olive green.
  They have all been tagged with this very visible tag and also with a tiny invisible, under the skin version, like done on domestic animals for Identification if they are lost.  These can be read with a Pit Scanner if they are ever found again.

Opps!!!  Another private moment intruded upon by someone wishing to rescue those who don't seem to want rescue.  Even though the male was clinging to his hopes of mating with this lady I felt the falling tide and hot sun might make for their demise.  I don't know how long they can stay out of the water but in this position there would be no chance of their getting back in time.

Another nest has emerged as we had as many as five in 3 days hatch just in the park.  Good to see the tracks heading off in the right direction.

This one seemed to have a bit of confusion. as there was lots of winding around by the little ones before getting headed in the right path..

In the early low light of morning this is what we like to be able to see.  Tracks heading forward toward the water but also spreading apart so that they are widely dispersed when they hit the water.  This makes it less likely for them to get eaten than if they were all bunched up together.

And Labor Day was the Turtle Trot.  State Rep., and local boy is Arron Bean, whose Ontarian mom still runs the dance studio.  She is the one who painted her face blue at one of the City Hall meetings after she told them she had talked to them about being more business friendly until she "was blue in the face".  He was master of ceremonies and award presenter for the race.  The Turtle Trot painting had a good spot to be seen.  Unfortunately it is still in my gallery.  Usually it is gone by now.  Any takers???  My house payment is getting close.

One of Peanuts favorite sleeping places for a while was the pocket of my soft and well worn robe which I have had for years.  I like snuggling in it myself,f so hopefully I will get many more years out of it, that is unless Bruce hides it from me.

Learning to eat our veggies.

Now this blur caused me a bit of excitement in my yard.  I had not seen one of these in a very long time, years even.

After much patience I was able to get a clear shot of our Florida State Butterfly, the Zebra Long Winged Butterfly.  I had planted this Passion Flower Vine hoping to attract just this butterfly.  The Gulf Fritillary also uses this plant as a host but they are so abundant that I don't worry too much about them.  But this one is a treasure to have.  It is laying eggs in this photo and if conditions are right once they hatch they will go from Caterpillar in about 3 weeks.  The leaves the caterpillars eat from this plant releases a toxin that makes them taste bad to predators so their best defense.

Most mornings I can't get to the beach quickly enough to catch the color but I know as I see it through the treetops that it is a nice one.

If you go to my Facebook page you will find a video of this little fellow who had gotten turned on his back and was making a perfect sand angel when we found him.  The sand had a crust over it where the water had recently washed over it.  The sides were just too steep for this rear of the pack fellow to get out. He was sure trying.  Just go to FaceBook and put my name in.  I have several videos posted there including squirrel and other turtles so have fun exploring them.

We took him closer to the water since he had used up so much energy making his sand angel.  Looking back  you could still see the tracks his siblings which had already swam away hours earlier.

Into the early golden sun our little fellow was finally on his way too.

Leaving a prefect set of tracks he was lucky ...

...that this fellow had not snatched him out of that nest.  Ghost Crab tracks were abundant around the area where the little hatchlings had travel through.  

September is also Love Bug Season.  It wasn't that bad this year but you do need to know that these otherwise harmless short lived, but passionate bugs will eat the paint right off your car when they spat on it as you drive.  You learn here to quickly wash them off after a road trip during Love Bug Season.  There is a strong acid in them which can pit your paint in a hurry.

Rain clouds have moved over us in typical summer time weather making great although brief summer time cloud formations.  Here clouds drop a rain shower over the Yulee area across the river, but blue skies were over us for the time being.  I will play catch up at a faster pace as too much happens to leave it all out but it is already October here and I need to move ahead.  An exhausting two days with today a day to rest a recoup.  I started Friday with a nest excavation with now only one last nest remaining on the island and it is ours (Fort Clinch).  Turtle patrol will consist of a walk over the boardwalk to check that one remaining nest.  That day was a day of preparation until late for the Wine Festival where I foolishly agreed to doing a booth. I was awakened yesterday morning with a call saying my booth, set up the night before, had blown over and was broken.  That proved to be untrue but we were rolling early.   I didn't realize when agreeing to do the booth, it would also be Art Walk evening.  So this morning I slept until almost 9 am, unheard of for me.  And now I am spending the day catching up at home.  Time has moved so quickly with Peanut and Lacy paying us visits, and the butterflies I vowed, just like raising squirrels, would no longer happen inside, have moved back inside.  So much to cover still.  For now I regress so you have not lost the summer.  Too many photos for that to happen.  Just bear with me and we will eventually get caught up.

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