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Amelia Island Artists Workshop (for workshop schedules)

The 13th of October besides being my mom's birthday will also be the Wine Festival in downtown Fernandina Beach on the Riverfront.  My gallery will have a booth featuring the jewelry both vintage and artist designed one of a kind pieces.  Check it out at .

Some mornings have had fog and rain showers move onshore making for a different environment than the usual sunny Florida in the ads but it also has a very special quality and beauty.

A solitary figure on the beach adds to the mood of the moment.
(I believe it is my friend Lea)

When the sun shines it is a another magical world with beautiful billowing clouds building up, still allowing great light on the seaoats which are fast becoming golden.  The sky may look like you have a problem with fly specks on your screen but it is a sky filled with hundreds maybe thousands of large dragon flies.

A closer view of a sky filled with what might be beach fairies flitting in every direction, but almost impossible to catch still long enough to photograph.

A large drift wood tree had washed in from somwhere near or far, who knows?  It was pretty weather worn so had been around for a while.  I can see lots of things in this piece of wood.  Is that a gargole with wings on top or maybe it is a funny cartoon squirrel with a very large tail.

Finally up on the river I was ablt to find dragonflies sitting still at least one of them was.

What was noticeable and curious about these was that the only ones who would light were those with large dark splotches on the bottom of their back wings.  All the others which were still flitting around did not have this feature.  Maybe these were the females waiting for a mate?

These pastel mornings with low tide make for a very glassy beach, where if it were not for the curling wave, it would be hard to tell where my favorite beach patterns separate themselves from the sky.

Clouds and fog do make for prettier colors in the mornings.  The Shrimpboats are a very nostalgic and important part of our heritage.  In the distance the rocks which form the jetty on the South end of Cumberland Island are visible looking like a mirage in the early light.

My Common Ground Dove couple keeps their distance, peering over the top of the dune probably thinking they are hidden from view.

Up to Nest 23 already.  Where has the summer gone?

The tracks wind through the wrack line which we had tried to clear a path still left the hatchlings struggled to find their way to the water beyond.

One of the stagglers left in the nest had an almost sand free carapace with an unusual scute pattern.  His patterns at the top are not geometrically matched.  Just one of those anomolies that happens in nature.  It should cause no problems as it develops.

The reflections of the people who have gathered to bid him bon voyage are mirrored on the wet sand as he tracks over their image.

This one seems to have knocked off his egg tooth trying to get out of the nest.

This one almost looks like an albino but it isn't, just a paler color and a dry carapace.

Once wet it seems to be more normal in color.  Off it goes to hopefully a long healthy life for the most of the century ahead.

The end of the month was a whirlwind of painting and back pain.  Then the day before I was to deliver paintings I was finally able tto get some relief, thanks to the Pain Clinic, so that I was able to meet my obligations for the three person show in Daytona Beach.  First a trip with Bruce (we actually closed the gallery for a day) since the pain medications I had taken the days before "relief" came, left me feeling to much residual sleepiness to be safe driving alone for 2 1/2 hours.  A day back at home then another trip to Daytona for me for the opening of the show.  What to wear?  One has to look professional, together, poised, confident, you know the drift.  I spent the night with my co-exhibitor, Sue Reynolds, who lives in New Smyrna Beach, an adjoining town.  It is rare for me to get out of town so it is good we already live in paradise.  Sue took me to the new art co-op where she has a studio. We met other artists who had spaces there.  This gal made wonderful one of a kind shoes.  They run about $60 for the less exotic ones and if you want to get some just let me know, I can give you her contact info.

It was a wonderful, attractive space full of energy with artists working and sharing and offering inspiration to each other, whether visual or verbal.  There were writers, painters, jewelry makers, and even our shoe maker.

A short walk away the next morning allowed let me experience Sue's beach.  Each beach is a little different but the same big ocean.

The show was hung, lovely refreshments I didn't have to make in place, and we were on.  Sue, Ann, the sculptress, and I were ready to greet our adoring public.  My guest list was represented with son Eric and his family.  It looked like the artists had been sent a memo to wear our "little black dresses".  Guess you can't go wrong with black.  My mom hates me to wear black.  It's only OK if I have something with bright colors up next to my face.  She thinks you look dead with black on.  Maybe she passed on her love of color on to me.

Some of the 35 pieces I took down for the show.  (In real time:  In the next few days I am going to be hogging the gallery with all my new work hung in preparation for the next Art Walk and showing off freshly painted walls and renewed stuff on exhibit I invite you to all come by to check it out.)

Two more of my more representational pieces the Butterfly Garden and a Cormorant as it takes flight, along with Ann's unusual sculpture.  You will soon be able to get the butterfly painting and the new Turtle Trot painting in Needle Point at the Bristly Thistle next door to my gallery.

And it was over, the show would hang for a month, and Cinderella was back on the beach getting down and dirty playing in the sand with a bunch of baby Sea Turtles, and dodging Ghost Crabs pinches.  More sunrises to enjoy as an exciting summer unfolds.

When the turtles are in a lax period I can entertain myself with other fun things on the beach;  a gull's antics as it keeps dropping and retrieving its catch over and over;

another sunrise punctuated by a nautical parade as one of the subs in escored back out to sea;

a Willet works the beach in the warm early light looking for his meal of the moment; and the list goes on and on.

Love gone awry as this mating pair of Horseshoe Crabs are turned topsy turvy by the surf, but not quite willing to give up on their preceived destiny of reproducing their species.  The diminutive male, which are about half the size of the female, is presistent in his passionate love grip.

Ample rain has kept mushrooms sprouting all over the island, especially in the rich leafy undercover of the forest floor of Fort Clinch State Park.  I see Fairy Rings on lawns as I drive 14th Street back and forth.

Our little Peanut boy poses for his official family portrait beside the painting of our very first squirrel, Shelly, painted by my artist friend Nancy Asbell.  They do grow up so fast.  He has been much more docile and timid in temperment than the girls which preceded him.  This has been a surprise for me.  He has been much less adventurous than the girls and totally a momma's (and daddy's, although Bruce insists he is NOT a "squrrel daddy") boy, liking to snuggle in my housecoat to sleep or just spend time with us on the sofa until his bedtime.  Unlike Lacy, who was excitedly learning to jump from the sofa to the pole lamb without falling, climbing up the back of the refrigerator carrying all kinds of things to build a nest, Peanut trots back inside to the sofa when taken outdoors.  Never the less he has been a good boy so far.  I certainly feel like the star attraction in his life, except when he abandons me in search of Bruce, which is often.  I think he feels the guys got to stick together.  Maybe its the roll of the male squirrel to just hang out and be cared for in life.

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