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The Amelia Island Blues Festival is bringing a free taste of live blues music to Main Beach on Saturday, March 26th, from 1:00 PM to 9:00 PM.  The event is designed to be a fundraiser for the 1st annual blues festival scheduled in September.  
The event on Saturday will feature traditional and contemporary blues music from Carl W. Davis and Friends, the Beech Street Blues Band, Blistur, and the Julia Savage Band.  Guests are encouraged to bring a lawn chair and a relaxed attitude.  Beer and wine will be sold, as well as menu items from Billy Bob's Bar-b-que.   
We need your support, please stop by and join us as we celebrate this new tradition on Amelia Island. Your help is also needed to spread the word by email and facebook.  HELP US SPREAD THE WORD ON THIS.

Once again Spring is officially launched here with the advent of the Concours de Elegance Car Show and my Spring Exhibition at the gallery.  The festivities for the car show take place within walking distance of my house so it is hard to let a year go by without at least catching a little bit of it.
As it was winding down I decided to walk over and at least watch them drive the cars out of the show area to load them up for their trip back home.  When we arrived we were allowed to just go ahead and walk through the gate since the show was officially over.  The cars lined up in front of me waiting their turn to exit and I didn't even have to walk everywhere to see them up close and personal. 
I was standing just inside the back gate where I chose a nice spot where the cars would be sunlit when they came in front of me and they seemed as if they were posing just for me.  I was standing next to the section reserved for the Bugatti cars, a name I have gotten to know from my years in attendance at the shows. 
The artist in me loves the very sculpturesque hood ornaments as well as the reflections in the very shiny chrome and paint jobs on the cars.  This Delahage, (pron. Dey la hay), is a beautiful example.
Besides the hood ornaments there is the color and design of the automobiles which need to be respected as works of art.  Amazing attention is paid to every detail of each one.
Back with the Bugattis I loved the sky blue or is it baby blue color of this one.
This show's a great treat, in that it includes a wide variety of types of motorized vehicles, even motorcycles.  From hot rods to the classical, the luxury models, and to the authentic race cars of all classes from Indy to Stock Car.
Having been a part owner of a few collectable cars in my lifetime I appreciate the time and money which the restorers take to make these old fellows look like new.  It is also very nice to find some which have their original coats of paint still in good shape.  Its like the copper jewelry I find for my gallery.  Some items are in amazingly good condition due to the care they were given by their past owners.
Being the wife of a "Muscle Car" fan I had to shoot a shot of this Dodge Daytona "Winged Warrior".  Hubby has always loved, and owned several in his and their day, when they were the roaring monsters of the road.  Just the sound of the Hemi engines on these fellows is so distinctive that you recognize it when you hear it fire up, even from a good distance away.
I think this one was my favorite color.  It just seemed like it needed to be in the Caribbean or Key West where it would perfectly match the colors in the water there.
I can see this one crusing a drive-in restaurant or waiting on the carhop to bring his owners' order.
This lovely lady is sporting a yellow ribbon.
Ahhhhh; this very valuable car and grand prize ribbon holder certainly had a lot of history.  This is a Duesenberg as it so boldly boosts across its hood.  More information on this special car will be found further down in the story.  It's ribbon was huge in red, white, and blue which I am sure had great significance.
The golf course at the Ritz is a beautiful backdrop for this very classy car show.
Another rich and interesting color combination.  I wonder if these are the original colors or if the owners have taken liberties with this part of the restoration.  I thought all older cars like these were usually black but what I see here are some very colorful automobiles.
These oldsters had some very interesting additions like this umbrella holder.  You will notice that it has its bedroom slippers on its tires to keep them pristine from any grass stains, dirt or wear, telling me that some of these have irreplaceable original tires that are show only and not for driving.  If cars have a heart or soul they probably long to be freed like Lewis Lizzard does.  I am sure this car misses being able to roll up to a stoplight and causing heads to turn in admiration instead of being so pampered that it can't even get its feet on the dirty old golf course. 
This car, along with the Duesenberg, was a car which also sported possibly a best in class, or even best in show red, white, and blue ribbon; it was getting the old spit and polish job done on it before it went before the cameras.
Now this is a most impressive and fancy tail pipe.  "My tail pipe's bigger then your tail pipe."  Very swoopy rear end also.
When I looked up this name, up popped a photograph of this car in the article.  It seems like Ab Jenkins was a big promoter of using the Salt Flats in Utah for setting speed records.  He broke the land speed record of 135mph in this very car in 1935.  Ab Jenkins was the 24th Mayor of Salt Lake City, Utah and this car was called the "Mormon Meteor".   
More cars built to break speed records of another kind on the race track.  Now this was when race cars were race cars.  There's a lot of history and many interesting stories on the past and present owners of all these cars.
This is a really Art Deco design.  Can't you just feel the motion even when standing still that this hood ornament signifies.
Hood ornaments were originally built for a reason.  Possibly as a temperature gauge or as a top for the radiator or both.
The fellow, whom I assumed was the current owner of the Mormon Meteor, was sprucing up for his on camera interview or photograph.
Afterwards, on my back patio in my potting area I found this sleepy fellow with his gray color instead of the usual green.  His color blended in with the colors around him.  He had his own racing stripe, though!
But the one of the earliest harbingers of Spring in the South is the Wisteria, which I will never, ever, plant in my yard again.  Beautiful as it is, its bloom period is not long enough to make its invasive nature worth owning to me.  It sends out runners underground, drops seeds profusely, and covers everything in its path as it grows up, up and away.  I tell people I had to move to Florida to get rid of it.  The bumble bees really like it though.
The sunset colors were very pretty over the South end Marsh at a friends house on Thursday evening.  The weather has been wonderfully warm this week and the 'girl's night' dinner I was invited to attend, was amazing.  
I had to finish a very complex painting, so that I could enter it yesterday in the Jacksonville Watercolor Show.   I had started this one last Fall as a demo for the Island Art Association here.  It was a push to finish it since I am also working on a second painting both of which are commissions for the same person.  I am half way there with one finished and one partially done.  I worked today on the commission piece, and it made me feel that it would also shape up quickly now.
With the warm weather we have decided after seeing other Anoles out and about that it is time for Lewis Lizzard to finally get his much yearned for freedom.  Once we carried his aquarium outside, setting it down on the porch he became very aware that the azaleas were just a few inches away and frantically tried to get out of the aquarium, pawing the glass like a cat.
I managed to lift him up enough to give him a chance to gain his freedom.  His first act on release after finding a good spot to sit was to inflate his "dewlap" to tell the all the gals that he was back and available.  It is mating time for Anoles all the way up until mid summer and it was time for Lewis to get his life back to normal.  He was also probably showing the other males that he was staking out his territory. 
We released him in the same spot where I had found him in a comatose state a couple of months ago.  I know how territorial wild critters, especially Anoles, are, so I didn't want to introduce him into an unfamiliar space.  Here he probably has family and a history.  Have a great life Lewis, and thanks for allowing us to share it with you for a time.  We learned a lot about Green Anoles.  Although it was not a bad existence having food and water made readily available without much effort it wasn't the same as being free.  Freedom is great for us all, especially if you are a wild critter.

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These photo-stories have always been offered completely free, to simply share the wonders of nature. Thousands of hours have been poured into them and it has even become necessary to enlist the services of a paid email service to send out the large numbers who now receive them. So, with the current economic situation if you are able to make a small donation to help ensure the continuation of the stories it would be greatly appreciated.)

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