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Amelia SanJon Gallery
Amelia Island Artists Workshop
Sandra Baker-Hinton
218A Ash Street., Fernandina Beach, FL 32034
904-491-8040,  904-557-1195 cell
Amelia Island Artists Workshop (for workshop schedules)

Downtown P. J. Party! 26th, -Morning after Turkey Day
I would like to encourage you to sleep in and don't be drawn into the frenzy we call Black Friday at the Malls.  Instead fill your morning with a pleasant fun time in your own hometown helping your own downtown merchants celebrate the start of the Christmas season.  There will be fun and a P. J. Party contest (for free-just get your photo taken-that's free also), lots of sale items, cookies and cider at various places. 
We are also part of the Downtown, opening early, (8:00AM! Eeek!), and much to the embarrassment of my dear hubby, I will be in my P. J. s.  We will be open with lots of new things you haven't seen, and BTW, our artists have been slashing their prices in an effort to survive in these tough economic times. 
The Needlepoint shop across the street from Amelia SanJon Gallery, The Bristly Thistle, for those of you who do this kind of work, is now carrying a needlepoint design with several of my Sea Turtle paintings, including this year's new Turtle Trot painting, as part of their line up.  On P. J. Party day they will have a "trunk show" of needlepoint designs which are not part of his usual lineup, but only are here on consignment for a brief time.
Sea Critter Adoption Center :
Just in case you don't know about my glass creations here is a rundown on that...

I am busy with gearing up the gallery for what I as well as the other merchants in town hope will be the months that carry us through the cold days of January.  Like many others we are trying to supply what we feel in this difficult economy can meet the needs of our friends and customers.  I have been busy making things which will not break anyone's bank and are completely unique.  One thing besides painting and photography that I do is to use recycled broken glass from a glass blower friend to create one of a kind fused glass works of art.  The ones pictured below are in various sizes and are just representative of what I have as all of these have already been adopted by others.  The Sea Critter Adoption Center is open and ready for business.

In addition to my Sea Critters I also use wine and beer bottles to make one batch of Christmas Glass each year.  I do trees and holly wreaths in blue, clear, and green which are the only colors I have found available in the recycle bins.  They are very time consuming and because this glass melts at a higher temperature I cannot fire them with the Sea Critters, therefore, I only have time to do one batch.  Since my process is totally a self taught, fly by the seat of my pants technique, I am never sure know just how successful this batch will be.  Cross your fingers as I fire my one batch of Christmas glass this weekend that it turns out perfect.  There will be three large trees in each batch all about 14 inches in height, one in each of the colors, with the rest in more tree ornament hanging sizes. 
I also use the glass blower's glass to create pendants in many beautiful colors, all are unique one of a kind pieces.

Here's hoping you have a wonderful Christmas season, full of fun and if you're lucky, family activities.
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