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Amelia SanJon Gallery
Amelia Island Artists Workshop
Sandra Baker-Hinton
218A Ash Street., Fernandina Beach, FL 32034
904-491-8040,  904-557-1195 cell
Amelia Island Artists Workshop (for workshop schedules)
Points of interest at this time:
The 15th of April, TAX DAY, always hangs over my head like a heavy weight for three months as I
attempt to get what amounts to bookkeeping for 5 different reports done and to the tax man in
time to file.  Each year I resolve that "next year" it will be finished in January.  Maybe this year
 I will actually handle a piece of paper "only once" then file it away and be finished except for running
the reports.
On Tax Day I was startled by a sudden outburst of loud patriotic music heading down the street in
front of the gallery.  The fast moving parade on its way to the city park was our local Patriot's Tea
Partiers who where congregating on their way to join others at The Landing in Jacksonville. A bright
red, white, and blue group it was with lots of friendly smiling faces 
Last week became an effort in logistics as I took on (in Mikolean's absence) running the Dee Beard
Dean workshop in addition to racing back and forth to Jacksonville to take part as much as
possible in what is becoming an annual gathering of my family.
No, this is not the "Blues Sisters" but my dad's sister Aunt Helen and my mom, Treva.  They of course
live together with each feeling like each is taking care of the other.  Mom has macular degeneration
in one eye and with Helen's diabetes they are taking great care with their eyes.
Helen at 84 just retired from running her beauty shop on Dec 31.
As all us locals know only people from the North get in the water this early but that is my crew taking
the plunge.  My Minnesota sister-in-law, and my brother Mike along with my Georgia girl neice Julie.
I being the Southern girl that I am sat on the beach drinking in the peace of a totally relaxing day for
a change.  This flock of what appeared to be Anhingas were pointed in a Northernly direction.
As I sat with the other matriochs of our group I began to watch a family who had chosen a spot nearby.
I began to think it was time for me to do some paintings of children playing on the beach with all the
sunshine and shadows that subject lends itself.  We have a Watercolor artist and also Pastel artist
coming this month to do workshops dealing with figures so maybe that is why my thougts turned in
this direction.

The Angelhart one starts on the 5th and the Dyer one on the 21st so still plenty of time to register
and come on down.
Our crew relaxing at my sisters house.
After my mom and aunt left I was able to capture my brother Mike and Denise his wife and bring them
up to our island for a few days of exploring.  A new place to me was Hanna Park in the Mayport area
of Atlantic Beach.  A very large and beautiful place with a big fresh water lake in the middle
and beautiful ocean front on the Eastern edge
The air was full of these tiny dragonflies with their irridescent color but so small and fast it was very
difficult to get a clear photograph.
There were hiking and biking trails all through the forests and along the edge of the large lake.  
I had heard it was a good place to get lost with the winding trails and now I can see why.
Oops, sorry, I didn't mean to intrude on this intimate moment.
This bird was very busy checking out this submerged log.  Probably eating goodies on its surface.
We stopped on Big Talbot as we traveled on up the string of islands leading to Amelia.  Blackrock Trail
out to the "Tree Graveyard" was starting to liven up with new leafing of the Oaks and flowers alongside
the pathway.
Denise looked like a lost child amongst the enormous fallen oaks.
Only a figure can give the perspective on just how large this one of my favorite
trees is.
Overhead I missed a good shot of a Great Blue Heron by only a wing tip.
A friendly lady on the beach volunteered to snap our group. 
Beautiful tree formations as these are the outer rings of the roots of some tree of long ago which are
still hanging onto their growth place.
Strolling alone I left them to enjoy the place on their own.
We ended the day with a walk on the beaches around the fort and then a night walk on the pier.  It
was an unusually low tide that evening with tides lower then I had ever seen them leaving the
pier high and dry half the way off shore.  It would have been a great night for finding
sea treasures if we had just come prepared with a flashlight.
It was good to have my kid brother visiting my neck of the woods.  We are a lot alike and as
the much older sister he seemed to enjoy the trip almost like one of the family kids.  Northwest
Washington State is a long way from here, opposite corners of the US.
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