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For those of you who follow the various Whale conservation efforts, go to this site:
to check out the whale activities.I noticed they had spotted a whale and baby off our beach recently which I had not heard
anyone else report.  Some great photos of a Humpback which wasentangled and good news that it had been released.  Great
up to date stuff about the whales and the folks who visit us each year to keep watch over them.
 The cold spell lasted longer than usual and I am told that with warmer weather they are able to start
 releasing some of the 200+ sea turtles rescued with "Cold Stun" during the cold spell.  
Thank goodness the
cold spell has broken.  Time to go to the waterfront and see if I can find that perfect sunset.
Unfortunately with the trip to East Tennessee loaming in the near future I am always hurrying to get
done what needs to be done and I keep leaving 5 minutes before it really gets good then it is too late
to make it back.  It was still nice even though chilly still to catch a sunset.
A new feature at the South side of the Marina where winter sunsets are the best
is this cute little tug boat.  It looks like it just jumped off the pages of a children's story book.
But I thought its reflections were especially interesting.
A flock of birds flew overhead but I barely had time to focus before they were out of range.  Winter
is a good time to see birds which you don't see any other time.  Time to dust off the bird book.
My main concern was to see how our Marina's Brown Pelicans were doing.  The temperatures were
above freezing but I had been told that many pelicans were in trouble because of the freezing
temperatures we had been having.
This old fellow which is one of the regulars who waits for handouts from the fish market beside the
boardwalk was shivering in the cold.  I talked to a fellow who works in the market and he told me that the
folks from the bird sanctuary (B.E.A.K.S.) had come and pick up a couple of them already and that there had
been a couple which had been found dead.
This fellow who had not taken a recent dip in the river like our shivering friend was faring much better.
I found out that this fellow, also a regular for several years, has been named Three Toe.
If you look closely at his right foot you will see that part of his middle toe is missing.
Unfortunately I ventured too close in my search for catching the water just right behind him and he
spooked leaving me only photographing the water with no bird.
I had places to go and left the waterfront regretfully just before what would surely have been a 10 on
the sunset rating scale finally hit its peak but I was half way across the island with no time to return.
Yesterday I went to the beach to see if I could find where a large number of crabs which I had been told
were dead on the beach.  I found out later it was further North then I was.  Instead I found some old friends...
...and some new ones.  Birds which must be wintering over as I had not seen them before.
It is easy to get caught up in various things at the beach.  Today it was the foam which was piling
up as each wave washed onto shore.  Creating individual "ice berg" looking clumps of foam...
which would get caught by the wind which was out of the North and sent it scurrying Southward.
It would leave a trail reminiscent of the path left by a horseshoe crab when it gets stuck on the
beach during mating season.  It raced as fast as the wind would propel it and then it would
be caught once again by the wave which reclaimed it only to deposit in again further down.
It was a peaceful few minutes with the late afternoon sun dropping down along with the temperatures.
A mini vacation from doing laundry and preparing for my trip.
The foam sparkled with iridescent bubbles with the sun hitting it just right.
Close ups of the fluffy foam reminded me of snow drifts that maybe fun to see if I get a chance to
visit my favorite mountain while I am in Tennessee.
The iridescence of a piece of pen shell also catches the light as I bend to add pieces of ancient
whale bones to my day's pocket collection of black fossils.
The song "By the Time I get to Phoenix" keeps sounding inside my head as I think of leaving this
story to be discovered after I am gone.  But I will be back and this is not a 'goodbye note' I am leaving.
Just hard to leave this place even if only for 4 days.