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A great prize and a bit of history to anyone who has ties to North Carolina.

This pretty little necklace is made from the copper taken from the State Capitol building when it
was remodeled in 1972.  It appears the chain is silver but I did not want to remove it from its
original and "official" card to clean.  It has obviously never been worn.  The fellow I bought it from
had found it in a box of estate pieces he had purchased.

The beautiful little dogwoods, each about the size of nickel were designed by a well known
North Carolina copper jewelry designer, Stuart Nye, and made under his supervision.  It is a
sweet and nostalgic piece to own.  It is priced at $95.00 so if you want it just call me and I will send
it on it's way to some lucky "Tarheel".
To say we feel we have been living in a refrigerator all of this "new" year is an understatement.  I
ventured out on Sunday mid-day after noticing, -while out communing with Shelly, that the neighbor's
sprinkler system was running full blast and I knew there would be some nice Florida icicles nearby
As I walked next door I noticed some unusual ice formations on my own plants, and I don't have a
sprinkler.  What I initially thought was some kind of cotton blown onto my Firecracker plant was
frozen plant juice which had formed as the stem had ruptured in the cold and slowly extruded
moisture to form this frost-like Italian ice sculpture around some of the stems. 
My neighbor, on the other hand, had an icy winter wonderland which we don't get to experience
very often here in North Florida.
Ice encapsulated the leaves of the evergreen shrubs.
I had waited until it was actually above freezing before I thought about the ice but it was still pretty
impressive although the icicles were starting to fall off right in front of my eyes.
Now these were pretty impressive icicles by anyone's standards hanging down
from the Live Oak which is now part of Miss Shelly's habitat.  She hangs out
in this area more than my yard now.
The ice actually protects the plants and may be why the neighbors had left it on.  It insulates them
at the 32 degrees it takes to form the ice, and then slows any further temperature declines.
Tonight I look forward to not having the urge to hibernate as temperatures will finally bottom out above
the usual night time freezing zone we have been stuck in for a while.  No use mowing, just break the
grass off instead!
Fearing the coldest temperatures of the entire time on Monday night I decided to
pick my lemon crop rather than take a chance.  Yes those are lemons,
Ponderosa Lemons, to be exact.  Larger than any grapefruit I have seen.  I must get
 them squeezed so that I don't let all that juice go to waste.
With the cold spell thankfully over by the end of the week, what do I
do but make a plane reservation to fly to East Tennessee on Sunday for a long
overdue visit with my mom and Aunt Helen?  It will be good to see them after almost
a year even though I don't look forward to going back into winter one little bit.  They
have promised the loan of some long underwear to keep me warm with a high of 42
waiting for my arrival.  I am thankful to look at the long range forecast and see that
it will be my coldest day there with a warm up for them coming also.

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