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Just so you don't totally forget about the Sea Turtles in this off season for us doesn't mean it is off season
for them.  Life goes on each day in a turtles life and the following websites will let you have the opportunity to
do some turtle tracking on your own.  Some were even released from our beach and one I had sent out
tracking info on before "Feebee" you might like to get an update on after a whole year.  These are turtles
usually which have been injured and treated but had radio transmitters attached before release for study purposes:

From the time Shelly was small she would raise her arm when you scratched underneath it with your
finger.  Last week she calmed down enough to let me scratch her tummy and underneath
side once again raising that arm when it was scratched.

Such a good girl.  I also observed her eating at the feeder and on the ground with some of the
other squirrels so maybe she is finally gaining acceptance.  I am reading a book now called Beulah
Land which is a pre Revolutionary War story about pioneers settling the land across the Appalachian
Mountains and two different characters have pet squirrels which I understand was a common thing
back then.

We also had a cold front breeze in just in time to keep Ida from causing us a problem, just a bit of rough surf and
needed rain.  It
did turn the weather chilly, good weather for opening windows and doors.

With the chill the instinct to hide nuts hit full swing with our little gal.  No longer wanting to sit and
eat nuts shelled out she rejected them and just helped herself to the whole nuts from my cup.

Hurrying here and there as quickly as she could restock to carefully bury and then disguise her
treasure so that it was impossible to find if you hadn't been watching.

Often hiding them in the mosses high in the tree where I doubt they will with
stand any hard wind.

No she hasn't taken up basketball but another island friend brought a big bag of Hickory nuts,
which we don't have, and  she and the other squirrels have enjoyed shucking
the outer husk
off and hiding those as well.  I am looking forward to a new crop
of Hickory trees and
pecans after all this seed planting


They have all been busy but Shelly seems especially frantic to hide nuts
possibly playing catch up with the others.

A brief potty break Or maybe she is marking her territory ("leave alone my nut stash!") and she is back
like the Mad Hatter once again scurrying here and there on her urgent mission
laying in stores before the snow falls.

She is growing into a lovely adult squirrel.  Another morning I thought she was being
chased again and when I threw a nut in the direction of the offending squirrel it looked around
then came running down the tree.  It seems that Miss Shelly was for a change
doing the chasing.

These are the five toes which enable her to totally hang by her back legs and eat with her front.

This area of trees between my yard and the neighbors to the west seems to be the area where
Shelly has chosen to sleep.  I have not figured out exactly where she is staying although I can
see one squirrel's nest hanging made of leaves out toward the end of a small branch and I tend
to think that may be hers.  It is a great squirrel habitat where she could go for a very long way
tree top to tree top.

I have been waiting all week for this beautiful Angel's Trumpet to bloom.  They are one
of my favorite flowers and remind me of the giver of my plant.  I have many plants in my
Garden which are "memory" plants to remind me of the friends who gave them to me.
There is always a fleeting thought of that person each time I see them.

Right on cue the Poinsettias are starting to turn their Christmas Red.

The Loquat is blooming in time for fruit ripening by about February.  I am told it is really a Japanese
Plum but during World War II they did not want to call anything Japanese so they renamed it
Loquat.  It has a nice taste but a large seed.  I understand that squirrels like them.  
With the several that I have grown from seed I have one which is one of my memory plants and will
always be a  reminder of the grand lady of Cumberland
Island who gave it to me.
I have a new one coming up in my flower bed obviously planted by a squirrel from last year's crop.

Monday, my day off, and since a chance to see a bit of history from the beach.  It has been a little
while since I have taken time to relax a minute on the sandy shore with turtle season over.

Yes, the Space Shuttle Launch was perfect, headed in northeastwardly direction, which with
the additional blessing of clear skies enabled our little entourage to be able to sit on the
beach and watch it head out.  The closest Fran and Jeff had been to a launch.

Although it is not a ringside seat it is still fun to be able to see it for yourself with the
naked eye.  I always have a flash back to the day, Pat Weatherby and I watched
from the end of the Fort Clinch pier the launch which we lost on re-entry.  I remember at the
time scheduled for landing I opened my front door waiting to see if I could hear the sonic
boom from here when it reentered the atmosphere but it never came.
We sat on for a spell just enjoying the peaceful day letting the contrail finally blend in with
the wispy clouds until one would never know that such a spectacular event had just taken place.
Reluctantly I took my leave and got my head out of space and remember the chores waiting 
back earth side.  I need to once again remind myself that the beach is just two blocks away
and that maybe once a week a little R & R there would be a good thing.

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