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Snapshots from our Veterans Parade on Saturday

They came from a variety of organizations all showing the colors of our great nation:  The high school
ROTC, the Sherriff's Department, the DAR, the Navy, and even the Pirates.

The faces of the men and women who serve and have served in our armed forces proudly wave to
their friends and neighbors.  From every war and military engagement and organization they came:  WWII,
Vietnam, Korean Conflict, Gulf Wars...the VFW, American Legion...
There were marines, army, sailors, women's groups, all smiling and waving as always slightly embarrassed to
be put in the limelight which is not where they really like to be...quiet soldiers...just did their jobs.

Many organizations showed up to pay tribute.
All wishing they could do more.  Even lady liberty was proud to be part of the group.
The fellow in the fuzzy photo at the top is a soldier whose face I see each year and because he reminds me
so of my dad I can't ever get a good photo.  Always the same wave.  I hope to see him again
next year.

"Fire in the hole" as the Pirates cannon signifies the end of another Veteran's Parade
in our little beach town.
Remember today to be thankful to the men who have given their time and often their
lives to keep the life that you have safe from harm and most of all free.
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